Appliance Migration


The Appliance Migration feature allows you to retain a deployed RN150 Virtual Appliance (RN150 VA) and its data when initiating a new assessment. When upgrading from a proof-of-concept to a full subscription, this feature can be utilized to seamlessly begin the full assessment.

Each assessment in the RISC Network platform has an associated RN150 VA. There is a one-to-one association of assessment to RN150 VA deployment. The link between the RN150 VA and the assessment is made once the assessment code is entered into the RN150 VA. The Appliance Migration feature allows the user to sever the tie between an existing RN150 VA and an existing running assessment, and re-associate that RN150 VA to a new assessment.

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The following data is retained across the migration:

  • The deployed RN150 VA instance
  • Entered subnets
  • Entered credentials
  • Collected asset data

The following data is NOT retained across the migration:

  • Invited users
  • Collected performance data
  • CloudScape analytics such as Application Stacks and Move Groups, or HealthCheck reports
  • Application of workload licensing to devices


To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the collected asset data when performing an Appliance Migration, these prerequisites are enforced:

  • The user initiating the migration must be invited to both the original and the new assessments
  • The original assessment must be an active, running assessment, having completed at least one discovery scan
  • The new assessment cannot have been previously associated with an RN150 VA, or have undergone any configuration activity with the exception of user invitations

If any of these prerequisites are not met, an error message will be displayed when attempting to run the Appliance Migration. The error messages are described in the Troubleshooting section below.

Using Appliance Migration

Utilizing the Appliance Migration feature is a straightforward process that begins with provisioning a new assessment instance and instructing the RN150 VA to migrate to that new assessment:

On the RISC Networks Portal

    • From the Assessment selection pane, select Add An Assessment
    • Enter your subscription code, the name of the assessment, and remaining data
    • Select Submit to create the new assessment instance
    • Access the Appliance Status page by selecting the new assessment from the list
    • Copy to the clipboard or note the assessment code for the new assessment

On the existing RN150 VA

    • Navigate to the Assessment section from the Dashboard
    • Under the Migrate This Appliance To A New Assessment section, enter the assessment code for the new assessment
    • Select the Apply button
    • Select Confirm on the confirmation dialog

Once applied, the RN150 VA will be dissociated from the original assessment and associated with the new one. Any configuration or collection activity going forward will occur in the context of the new assessment. A notification to all users invited to original assessment and/or the new assessment will be notified that the migration has taken place. The collected Asset data will be populated in the new assessment instance, which may take several minutes to complete. As normal, an email notification will be sent once this has completed. You will then be able to review the asset data by logging into the assessment in the Portal and viewing the Assets page.  For CloudScape assessments only, workload licensing can be applied to devices at this time to resume performance collection.


If any of the prerequisites for the Appliance Migration feature are not met, one of the following error messages will be displayed. These error messages, their meaning, and the steps to resolve are described here:




This appliance is not associated with an assessment

The assessment code for the existing RN150 VA is not a valid assessment code.Contact the support team at
The assessment code for the new assessment is not validThe code entered for the new assessment was not entered correctly or otherwise does not correspond to an assessment.Double check that the code was entered correctly. We recommend accessing the RN150 VA application through a web browser, and using copy/paste to enter the code.
User does not have the required entitlementThe user initiating the migration is not invited to both the original and new assessments.Ensure that the user is invited to both assessments.

Existing assessment is not in an acceptable state for reassignment


A discovery scan has not been run

The original assessment has not run an initial scan of the environment, and has not collected Asset data for migration.The preferred resolution is to download and deploy a fresh RN150 VA instance to run the new assessment, however you may also run an initial scan of the environment and perform the migration once this has completed.
New assessment is not in an acceptable state for reassignmentThe new assessment has been configured or has run collection activities previously. The appliance can only be migrated to a new assessment that has not previously collected data. Inviting users to the new assessment does not affect this condition.Create a new assessment instance for the purposes of the migration.
The assessment is not tied to a valid subscriptionThe subscription under which the new assessment was created has expired or otherwise become deactivated.Contact your subscription manager.
An appliance is already associated to the specified assessmentThe new assessment has already associated with an RN150 VA instance, meaning the assessment code has been entered into an appliance.Create a new assessment instance for the purposes of the migration, without populating an RN150 VA with the assessment code.
An error has occurred, contact help@riscnetworks.comAn error was detected while performing the migration process.Contact the support team at
(Any other error)
Contact the support team at