Advanced Debugging

RISC Network’s understands and respects the data privacy concerns of our customers.  Under certain support circumstances it may be necessary for RISC Networks' engineers to access a deployed appliance for advanced troubleshooting and support scenarios.  This option is not enabled by default.

In order to exercise this option, we require the customer to enable the Advanced Debugging option on the appliance itself.  Advanced Debugging and troubleshooting allows shell commands to be executed and reviewed remotely from the RN150 or FlexDeploy appliances by select RISC Networks’ Senior Developers and Engineers. This allows us to review log files, running process and the overall status of the appliance for troubleshooting and support purposes.

  • Only select RISC Networks’ Senior Developers and Engineers have the ability to assist in this manner.
  • Troubleshooting and analysis could include a review of discovery results and inventory data from the appliance.
  • No data is stored off site but is reviewed within a temporary session.  The communication is facilitated through an outbound SSL encrypted session from the FDP or RN150 to inbound connectivity is required).

Advanced Debugging can be enabled (or disabled) from the Dashboard of the RN150 and from the Interface configuration screen of the FlexDeploy.  The support team will provide specific instructions, based on the appliance type and version, in the event Advanced Debugging is requested.