Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is now available in order to provide an additional layer of security for our users. With MFA, logging in to the platform requires an additional step: providing a six-digit token texted to your cellphone or a secondary email address. Subsequent logins to the RISC Networks platform from the same device will allow you to bypass the MFA portion of login until either 30 days has passed or you log in from another device. When logging in from a different device, you'll be asked to re-authenticate with MFA.

In order to register for MFA at RISC Networks, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the RISC Networks platform. After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the following screen:

    To register, enter both a cellphone and secondary email address, and select one as a default. The information you enter should be where you wish to receive tokens for MFA from RISC Networks. Once you have entered your preferences, click the "Save Preferences" button. 

  2. After saving your preferences, you will be directed to the following screen:

    If you'd like to make changes to the preferences you entered, click the "Click Here" link to redirect to the previous screen. Otherwise, navigate to your email (the email used for login). You should receive an email from that looks like the one below:

  3. If the preferences match what you entered in the portal and wish to register, click the "click here" link (or copy it and paste it in your browser). You will be redirected back to the portal, and after a moment, see the following screen:

    At this point, a token will have been sent to your default device. If you do not have access to the default device (i.e. lost your cellphone), you may select the alternative option from the drop-down list and click "Resend" to deliver to token to the alternative address. Similarly, if you did not receive the token, you can click "Resend" to redeliver it.

    Note: email tokens can take a few minutes to arrive, while cellphone tokens are typically delivered in a matter of secondsPlease check spam/junk folders if the email doesn't arrive shortly.

  4. Enter the token that was delivered to your device and click "Login" to authenticate the token. If you entered a valid token, you will be directed to the Assessment Selection screen. If you entered an invalid token, you can re-enter and try again or resend a new token and authenticate with it.