Deployment Requirements

RN150- Virtual Appliance

The RN150 is a CentOS/Linux Virtual Appliance. It is deployed on VMware ESX or ESXi Server (Hardware Ver. 8), VMware Player, or VMware Workstation.

Resource Default Requirements

  • 8 GB of RAM (minimum 4 GB)
  • 2 vCPUs (minimum 1 vCPU)
  • 50 GB Hard drive (Thin Provisioned)
  • Internet Access (TCP Port 443 outbound) to the following:
    • (, )
    • (,
    • (, )
    • ( )
    • Backup & Growth (,

Communication Protocols

The RN150 uses the following protocols (ports) to access the network. These protocols/ports should be permitted between the RN150 and all local resources (servers, routers, etc) to be included in the discovery.

TCP443RN150InternetFor communication from the RN150 to the RISC Networks Cloud Orchestration layer
ICMPRN150Local NetworksBy the RN150 for base discovery for available devices
TCP135RN150Local NetworksBy the RN150 to obtain WMI information from Windows hosts discovered
TCP1024-65535RN150Local NetworksRPC Dynamic Port Allocation used for WMI communication.
TCP80RN150Local NetworksBy the RN150 to obtain HTTP
UDP161RN150Local NetworksUsed for gathering SNMP information from devices on the Network
TCP443RN150Local NetworksUsed for gathering VMware guest information directly from vCenter.
TCP22RN150Local NetworksBy the RN150 to collect from Linux/UNIX servers over the SSH protocol
TCP*RN150Local NetworksCollection from Linux/UNIX servers via SSH user supplied non-standard TCP ports
TCP445RN150Local NetworksSMB over TCP/IP used for application socket collection
TCP139RN150Local NetworksSMB over NetBIOS used for application socket collection
TCP8443RN150Local NetworksUsed for discovering Tomcat and Cisco UC servers*
TCP62078RN150Local NetworksUsed for discovering Apple products (iPhone) – iTunes sync over air port
TCP22RN150Local NetworksFor command line discovery of Cisco Switches and Routers
TCP1433**RN150Local NetworksFor MSSQL database collection only
TCP1521**RN150Local NetworksFor Oracle database collection only
TCP3306**RN150Local NetworksFor MySQL database collection only

** or other non-standard ports as required for database connectivity

Required Credentials and Parameters

  • IP Subnets that the client would like to scan
    • These can be added at the time the RN150 is deployed.
    • Subnets can be manually entered or a routing table can be used to populate the list via SNMP
  • Windows Domain Administrator or Local Administrator (workgroup servers only) credentials
    • Needed for WMI access
  • SSH user account with sudo privileges
  • SNMP Read Only Credentials
    • Needed for Linux/Unix Servers where not using SSH and should include the following MIBs:
      • Host-Resources-MIB
      • UCD-MIB
      • IF-MIB
      • TCP-MIB
    • Needed for Network Devices
    • Supports v1/v2/v3
  • VMware credentials
    • Read only access to vCenter or root access to ESX hosts directly
  • Database credentials