Load Balancers

Environments that contain load balancers can yield confusing or incomplete data if the load balancer's self-IPs are not properly inventoried. F5 load balancers support interface collection using our standard inventory process via either SNMP or SSH (requires administrator-level credentials), while Netscaler is only collectible via SNMP.

In order to inventory your F5 or Netscaler load balancer, please make sure that:

  • SNMP is enabled on the load balancer (if using SNMP, which is mandatory for Netscaler)
  • You provide us with a valid SNMP credential or, if using SSH (F5 only), provide us with Administrator-level credentials
  • The management IP of the load balancer is within scope of the subnets to be scanned
  • For best results, please make sure that the load-balanced application servers in your environment are also in scope and accessible via their own IP addresses

During discovery/inventory we will assign all IPs owned by the load balancer (including VIPs) to itself. This will allow us to correctly map flows to and from the load balancer. We do not yet support the collection of connectivity data for the load balanced VIPs via either collection method. Please note that F5s will appear in your inventory as generic servers, while Netscalers will be inventoried as network devices.