The ServiceNow plugin for RISC Networks facilitates to connect to the RISC Platform to perform data sync between ServiceNow and RISC Platform using HTTPS connection. 

The primary feature of the plugin is to synchronize the data between ServiceNow and RISC Platform. The plugin is called from the ServiceNow scheduler to fetch data from the RISC Platform. The data updated in ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is updated back to RISC database based on the scheduler configuration.


The RISC SNOW plugin supports following features:

  • Schedule job to import RISC data into SNOW and map it to CMDB
  • Discover and list the RISC Platform on the SNOW plugin
  • Add tags
  • Create CI Relationship of the data that is fetched from RISC Network into CMDB


Before you begin installation of the plugin, you must have the following resources available:




Istanbul and Jakarta

Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)


Prior to using the plugin workflows, the following configurations must be set:

  • The xml plugin is imported in ServiceNow
  • You have a RISC Networks credential with entitlement to data
  • As an end-user, you should be assigned the 'itil and x_riscn_risc_netwo.user{_}' role for viewing or performing any action.