Support and Troubleshooting

Viewing Logs

You must collect the logs in case you need to contact the RISC Networks support team. Only administrator can view the logs.

To view logs:

  1. Login to the ServiceNow portal.
  2. In the left panel Search box, type RISC.
  3. Click RISC Logs in the left navigation pane. The logs are displayed in the right pane. Following is a sample screen.

  4. Click the required log to view more details of a specific log. Following is a specific log detail.

Note: The log levels are displayed depending on the level set by the administrator. For more details, see the Setting Log Level section.

Setting Log Level

Administrator can set the log level as follows.

To set the log levels:

  1. Login to the ServiceNow portal.
  2. In the left panel Search box, type sys_properties.list.
  3. Type risc in the Name field. A list of <risc<x>.<x>> logs display.

  4. Click the x_riscn_risc_netwo.logger.level_ log to set the log level. Following is a sample screen.

  5. Enter the level you want to set in the Value field. The Description field describes the log levels. Currently, you can set the following log level as required.

    0 - Error
    1 - Error and warning
    2 - Information, error and warning
    3 - Debug, information, error and warning

  6. Click Update.

Service Level Agreement Details

This section describes the support details that you may need to raise a support request to RISC Networks while using RISC Networks SNOW Plugin.

Note: You must keep the log details handy before you contact the RISC Networks support team. For details about viewing logs, see the Viewing Logs section.

Troubleshooting and Common Errors

This section describes the common errors faced while working with the plugin and solution to resolve them.

  1. Errors with <5xx> code

    Report the errors that have <5xx> error code to the RISC support team.

  2. Error with 400 error code

    The error is related to plugin. Contact the RISC support team.

  3. Error with 401 error code

    Check if the authentication details are correct.

  4. Error with 429 error code
    If the RISC Server receives too many requests at a time, this error displays. Wait for about an hour and retry the operation.
    For details about contacting the support team, see Service Level Agreement Details.