Subscription Administration

The Subscription Administration page (located underneath the "hamburger menu" >>> Subscription Administration) provides summary information about a subscription, especially around licensing.

Only subscription administrators are able to view subscription details. Users who are not subscription administrators can enter a subscription code to get a list of administrators, who may be contacted to grant administrative privileges.

API Key:

The API key is required when accessing the RISC Networks RESTful API. Please review "RESTful API Access" for more information regarding the API. If an API key is not found, the option to generate an API key will be shown.

Subscription Administrators:

A list of subscription administrators who have access to view subscription level information and grant administrative access to other users.


The license count represents the pool available to the subscription. Any licenses attached to a subscription are available for use on any assessments running under that subscription. 

  • Continuous License - This is a license that is available for the life of the subscription. This allows the user to collect performance and dependency data at any time.
  • Flow License - This license allows the user to collect flow data and understand bandwidth, latency, etc. about connections within the environment.
  • Licensing Burst - This is a 30 day license of performance and dependency data collection.  Once a burst has begun the relevant licensing is available for 30 days from start of the burst.


An assessment represents the sum of data collected by an active appliance (RN150).

What is Max Number of Devices CollectingThis is the maximum number of devices we are collecting at any given time.